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Dr Goodrow Chives Seeds

Switch to Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) seamlessly

Totally wireless Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities

Fast charging that can take you from day to night

Immersive, precision high audio quality

Dr Goodrow Chives Seeds

Home Gardening Made Easy
  • Maximize space and soil nutrients
  • Save on grocery bills
  • Enjoy the health benefits of gardening & eating fresh produce
Dr Goodrow Chives Seeds
Budding home gardeners will quickly find themselves hooked on the process of putting in new seeds, watching new leaves and buds sprout, and harvesting fresh produce right before cooking! Keep your garden looking fresh and growing your favorite produce when you have the seeds ready to go
Chives will grow well indoors in a sunny spot or outdoors in full sun. After the frost has ended, sow seeds 1/4” deep. Sow several seeds near each other and the plants will form clumps. Water regularly and fertilize if needed. Harvest the plant tips for an ongoing supply of fresh, tender leaves.
  1. Fill the garden with the required amount of water and the included plant food.
  2. Assemble each growth basket by inserting seeds into the sponges and placing the sponges into the baskets. Each basket will have its very own place in the garden.
  3. Once you have carefully created a home for each basket and labeled your seeds, turn on the system and enjoy your very own indoor garden.
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