SliceChum is an amazing portable knife sharpener that gives your knives a razor-sharp edge in seconds!

The compact knife sharpener has 2 sharpening blades, TUNGSTEN and CERAMIC: tungsten is used for coarse sharpening that can bring a damaged blade back into service. Ceramic is perfect for finer honing that will make a good knife great. Just pull the blade back through a couple of times and your knives will be instantly upgraded to something you’d only otherwise find in a professional chef’s arsenal.


DUAL-SHARPENING: SliceChum has 2 sharpening slots, Tungsten for coarse sharpening that can bring a dull blade back to life and Ceramic, which is perfect for finer honing that'll elevate a good knife to a great one.

HANDS-FREE SAFETY: The base of SliceChum is fitted with an extremely powerful suction-cup so it won’t budge an inch while you sharpen your knives. There’s no need for tools, you just simply stick it to a smooth surface and start sharpening!

FITS ANYWHERE: SliceChum has an ultra-compact and lightweight design. So, it can be easily popped into a kitchen drawer, saving you space on your kitchen top, and will be ready to go whenever you need it.

Metal/alloy knife only, do not sharpen ceramic or composite knife

  1. Place SliceChum on a smooth, stable surface and twist with the LOCK arrow to fix the suction cup base into place.
  2. Pull your dull knife through the coarse tungsten slot, from the heel to the tip, three to six times.
  3. Finish with one or two pulls through the finer ceramic slot.
  4. Once you’re done, wipe down the blade with a wet cloth.
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