QB Kraftz Baby Aliens

QB KRAFTZ Baby Alien ice is a professional ice-making kit that produces pure, crystal-clear ice that’s perfect for cocktail parties at home.
Clear cocktail ice is once a bartender’s favorite, reserved only for high-end bars and lounges. The QB KRAFTZ Baby Alien clear ice maker is making it easy for everyone to make and enjoy clear cocktail ice at the comfort and convenience at home.

  • Patented to ensure best quality ice
  • Insulated to ensure purity
  • Slow freeze ensures clarity
  • Owner and Originator of Baby Alien™ Ice
  • Fast and portable, best for cocktail parties
  • Stackable and reusable, make as much ice as you need
QB Kraftz Baby Aliens

Package inclusion:

  • Top tray/ Stacking tray
  • Middle tray
  • Bottom tray/ Reservoir Tray
  • 2 basic sphere molds made from silicone
  1. Step 1: Filling with water is simple as pouring into the top filter pouring holes.
  2. Step 2: Every shape allows you to freeze things like berries, fruit, lemons, limes, or even your fiance’s engagement ring right inside.
  3. Step 3: Anything is possible with QB Kraftz!
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