Dr Goodrow Home Garden

Dr Goodrow is the magical growing aerogarden system that provides potent, super-fresh herbs for anyone, anywhere. This super-simple countertop garden is the perfect space-saving solution for growing all one’s favorite veggies, fruits, salads and flowering buds all year long. It is 100% safe, organic; also free from GMOs and pesticides. The seeds keep growing even in dark spaces, winter, and require absolutely no maintenance.

  • Small, space-saving solution for any home
  • Mess-free! No more spilling soil everywhere
  • No experience necessary – Dr Goodrow does all the work
  • Eat your favorite fruits, veggies, and fresh herbs all year long!
  • Even works to grow flowers for stunning, colorful displays
Dr Goodrow Home Garden
  • Universal hydroponic planter for most seed
  • Hold: 10 grow pods (included) more available as UPSELL
  • Compact footprint
  • 16 hrs of light working time, the first 2 hrs and last 2 hrs will be a weaker light to simulate sunrise and sunset. Resting time (no light) is 8 hrs, afterwards it will turn on again
  • Intelligent water control system to promote water activity. It will run 16 hrs/day, cycling in 10 min intervals
  • Low water level alarm
  • Height adjustable LED lamp
  • Input voltage: 100-240V (US Spec)
  • Must use included power adapter (12V 1A) standard phone charger USB-A (5V 1A) will not work
  • LED power: 30W 1000lm +-5%
  • The lamp has 72 red, white and blue LEDs to simulate solar spectrum which increases growth x 5 times
  • Certifications: ETL, CE, RoHS, FCC

Here’s what you get in 1 package!

  • Planter Super Grow Base. It is sturdy and is ready for heavy-duty use!
  • Programmable command center. It will simulate any environment, to grow healthy plants.
  • Super Bud Nutrients, a special blend of incredible nutrients that will help plants bursting with flavor when ripe.
  • Growth Sponges – to absorb all the water and nutrients that make your herbs taste as good as can be!
  • Super Growth Baskets to hold your new growths!
  • Super Bud Domes – to tremendously speed up your plants' growth!
  1. Fill the garden with the required amount of water and the included plant food.
  2. Assemble each growth basket by inserting seeds into the sponges and placing the sponges into the baskets. Each basket will have its very own place in the garden.
  3. Once you have carefully created a home for each basket and labeled your seeds, turn on the system and enjoy your very own indoor garden.
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