FotiaLamp packs incredible power and versatility into a handheld device! With three light modes, a 2000x optical zoom, and a concealed lantern built into the shaft, this tactical flashlight provides the perfect level of illumination, no matter where you are. The modular design and integrated safety features make it the ideal multi-tool for all kinds of jobs around the house or in the field.

  • Batteries Needed - 3 x AAA or 1 x 18650 Li-ion
  • LED Lumens 200
  • COB Lumens 80
  • Body Material - Aluminum
  • Function : High - Low - Strobe - Cob
  • Weight (without batteries) 180g
  • Size - 37 x 183mm
  1. Switching Modes: Half Press the power button to cycle through the following modes
  2. Adjusting the Light Focus: Simply extend the focus slider to focus the LED beam
  3. COB Lantern Mode: Simply extend the focus slider to expose COB Lanter

Using the Glass Breaker. In case of entrapment in a vehicle, create a firm list around the flashlight and strike the window corners to break free.

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